Abigail is a healthcare worker and had been exhausted by the COVID pandemic. She was invited to Alpha by a colleague in the midst of feeling isolated and cut off from family. She shares her story…

“My life during lockdown working in a hospital was pretty hectic. I was on permanent long days for an extended period of time. I’d been working in ICU and we had a lot of experience with Coronavirus patients. I looked after some of the sickest patients we’ve ever had. My life was also quite separated – I’d had little contact with family for well over a year which was pretty tough.

I work with an incredible lady who is an anaesthetist who invited me to do an Alpha course online. The idea of human contact on Alpha appealed to me, even though it was online. I was pretty apprehensive beforehand, but I was in a group with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. They were very welcoming and very accepting. I’ve never actually met them in person – and 99% of the time they would see me in my pyjamas, scrubs or a Koala bear onesie! – yet they still accepted me which shows how incredible they are.

Around August last year we had the Alpha Saturday. The first wave of COVID was over and my health wasn’t great, but people shared some words they had received from God. It all just built up and was very emotional. That’s when I felt a real connection to God.

Those fears during lockdown, some of the emergency situations we’ve faced, that’s where I’ve really depended on that faith and the connection with God that I’ve been lucky enough to find on Alpha. I think it’s the thing that saved me.”

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